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Brad Smith - USA

Brad Smith

Hi Kris,

Your book on Precision Tracking was very complete and comprehensive.  The book gives a very clear, yet thorough, explanation on animal behaviors, tracking methods and other important topics.  In a very short time frame you covered a lot of methods and theories that every dog trainer needs to know.  One of the best reasons to read your book is because it’s easy to understand, no matter what your level of K9 knowledge is. 

 Outstanding book, I can’t wait to read your next one. 

Brad Smith - USA
West Covina Police Department, CA (Ret)
Canine Tactical Operations & Consulting
N.T.O.A. National Canine Chairman
SME for California Association of Tactical Officers
Cell: 626-523-4028

Gene England - USA Shutzhund and Police Dog Trainer

Gene England

I would recommend to all beginners as well novices to read Kris’s book on step by step tracking. It is full of very important information for beginners. Also I feel that many of the more experienced trainers could also benefit from Kris’s book, because it goes in to full detail. You can train your dog from this book. Enjoy your reading.

Gene England - Trainer of dogs and handler and top trainers around the country. I have trained several people to the World Championship Level. I have competed on the WUSV World Team many times. I won the International World Championship in Tengen West Germany with 290 points. I have also won every Championship in the USA at least one time). When I recommend reading someone’s book, and you want to learn read Kris’s Book.

Gene England - USA
Shutzhund and Police Dog Trainer

Thomas Lapp - Germany

Thomas Lapp

My name is Thomas Lapp and I live and train in Germany. I have been involved in Dog Sport for 35 years. I have participated 16 times at the BSP and 4 times for Germany at the WUSV. In 2007 I won the BSP and in 2007 and 08 and I won the WUSV with the German team. I have bred 60 German Shepherd litters under the Kennel Von Den Woelfen and I'm a judge for working dogs since 2002.

I have just read the new tracking book "How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" written by Kris Kotsopoulos from Australia and it was very interesting reading for me. I have picked up new ideas and I will include these ideas into my training. The book is for every tracking handler and a very good manual for tracking training.

Thomas Lapp - Germany 16 times at the BSP and 4 times for Germany at the WUSV.

Frans Slaman - USA

Frans Slaman

Giving other possibilities other than the regular ones is important for a full education of people. I like to give as much information as possible. Your book has logic. I like logic and good understanding for the tasks of the dog and understanding between the handler and the dog.

I think your system makes sense. I am not using the electric stimulation in tracking with my dog, but might with some other dog. The whole article setup makes sense. In general I think it is important that the dog likes to find the article as one of the major goals.

I feed and play on the articles random and not using food on the track is a big advance in a ant polluted environment.

I combine your ideas with others tracking systems.

Good luck,
Frans Slaman - USA

Deb Bach - USA

Deb Bach

Hi Kris,

Allow me to say just quickly. I have trained many ways . Dogs for TV ,for law and order, law and order special victims, garden state the movie, AKC, Schutzhund with my Doberman female about 10 years ago. I now have new critters, and tracking has been nonexistent as I had no motivation left, however their obedience and protection is good.

Just to let you know my husband and I would love to meet you.

I have a had a quick scan of your new dog tracking book. Took about one hour and I will now read it again thoroughly. I just introduced my Rottweiler male of 12 months to clicker training, which I have been hesitant to use. WOW  does the light bulb go on instantly and before I saw your book I was thinking why not use it for tracking? Then I saw your book…Bingo!

My husband is a physician and has a degree in psychology, he picked it up right away. You are a bright and intelligent person, and the skinner principles apply to your training.. I think you should put on the front of your book the statement that it is not impossible to achieve a 1500 pace track in 6 weeks. It took 4 + years to train my Dobermann to sch 3. Her scores were very high. 197 + however extremely time consuming and many hot dogs later. I am a new born person looking into the clicker / low stimulation training. thank thank you thank you.

I will keep you posted. I plan on to use my Rottweiler male and my Austrian import Dobermann girl on a test training for 6 weeks in your tracking method. Give me some time and I will report the results. You have a great deal of knowledge. people should read your book. I will be in touch........ and love your book,
Deb and critters from the USA.

Deb Bach - USA

Uwe Doose - USA

Uwe Doose

I have trained dogs for 30 yrs in both private security and sport. This book gives the trainer some fresh ideas. I personally liked Kris's method for introducing the articles. An easy to understand manual for both the novice and professional."

Uwe Doose - USA

Felix Ho - Belgium

Felix Ho
Kris Kotsopoulos was one of my coaches at the beginning of my Dog Sport career in Australia, and still is one of my closest friends after I had migrated to Belgium. In his latest book “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog”, Kris shares his lucid, methodical, and comprehensive system of tracking. In my original exposure to Dog Sport some of Kris’s tracking ideas were integrated into my tracking. Eight years later the entire system has evolved and has been streamlined and systemized.

I highly recommend his book to Schutzhund/IPO hobbyists and sport competitors and any tracking enthusiasts who are looking for refreshing ideas to expand their own tracking systems.
  • B.Sc. La Trobe University
  • 7 Times FMBB/FCI IPO World Championship Competitor
  • 2009 Belgian IPO Special CAC Winner
  • 2010 Belgian IPO CAC Winner
  • Licensed FCI IPO Judge

Felix Ho - Belgium

Vithala Singh - USA

Vithala Singh

For years I have been struggling with the conventional methods of training with regards to Tracking and I encountered, two ends of the spectrum in the main. The use of food as a manipulator to get the tracking per footstep and this brought the dog to a certain level.

On the other end you have the forced track, which is basically useless in certain endeavours like Law Enforcement. But Kris' methods go way beyond, conventional training. It is so simple and easy to follow I wondered why no one else came up with this methodology before. but therein lies the genius. because once you start to really apply the method, you really start to see the direct effects it has on your training and the confidence you have in your dog's understanding of what is asked.

Kris' methodology takes into account the way dog's perceive the scent stimulus, and what is necessary to have reliable results, every time you track. By proofing it under this method I am sure my dog is tracking the article laid by a human in every setting.
For me it is a quantum leap in application of understanding of dog's physiology and psychology when it comes to them receiving the scent information and proper harnessing of such into a performance event.

Whether it is the competition field or the streets, Kris' precision tracking is worth a read, and a re-read for every level !

On a personal note, I have to recommend Kris' work in this book and also Kris as a consultant as he has been so meticulous and generous with his advice to me. It is clear he comes from a point of well researched knowledge and experience and is willing to share it to assist others.

Thanks again Kris.

Vithala Singh Miami Florida USA

Jay Tullis - USA

Jay Tullis

Hi Kris,

I have read your book twice.  I am blown away by the simplicity and logic of your method.  All the difficult areas of tracking are really anticipated and "cured" before they occur!  It even addresses one of the biggest tracking problems we have in the Southern U.S. - fire ants, which swarm on the food on the track, turning a reward into a punishment.  

Since the dog starts out tracking for articles - no ants, no bites, no problem! I also applaud your detailed explanation on how to introduce and train with a remote collar.  I know I need to use some sort of stim to get faster response and greater attention in other areas, but was not sure how one goes about educating the dog in the new communication system.  

In that vein, some of your most insightful words are found on pages 14 and 15.  When I reread them, I realized they are not only aimed at those of us who have preconceived ideas of how something should be done, but can just as easily apply to the canine/human communication.  Dogs who haven't been taught what the stim means and how the system works, cannot be expected to comply.  Upping the voltage in hopes of compliance is like speaking progressively louder English to  a non English speaker.  He may eventually stumble upon what you want, but chances are he would not respond correctly the next time he heard those words.  In short, he still didn't understand what you were saying.  Eventually learning will occur, but how much stress could have been avoided by an attempt to communicate better.

I suspect your book may be pooh poohed by many members of the schutzhund community - not because of the e collars, which they use (some heinously, some appropriately) - but because people don't realize the former system is flawed until they have problems and then it is blamed on the dog and force is introduced to "work through it."  If one  truly believes in positive training and back chaining etc., this system is a no brainer.  My husband is getting his own dog in coming months and we will definitely use this system from the beginning.

As for my dog, I actually performed your various tests to insure that she knows what she is tracking.  She is having some trouble with the hour old track, which I have been walking rather than scuffing.  She veers off occasionally, but comes right back.  I can tell she is working and she corrects herself.  I think  I let her build up steam before telling her to slow (handler error) and that is causing mistakes.  

With the weaker ground disturbance odor, she has got to work a bit harder. I am just so unused to speed being a problem with this dog.   I know we will get this, though.

Ps...Just got back from tracking an hour aged Sch 3 track - she nailed it even through puddles.  So much fun!

Thanks for your good work

Jay Tullis - Tyrone, GA USA

Glenn Cooke - K9 Trainer - Australia

Glenn Cooke

For many years I have felt mystified at how many people in Australia will elevate and promote foreign trainers and authors while discounting local talent who have certainly earned their place amongst the very best in the industry.

Finally, one of our own has produced a quality manual for taking a novice handler through the process of teaching their dog to track without complicating the procedure. I have personally known Kris for 20 years and it’s hard to ignore his passion and progression in the industry through his breeding programs, training services and now his first book.

This is a wonderful addition to any trainers library or for any dog owner looking to get involved in the art of teaching a dog to track.”

Glenn Cooke - K9 Trainer - Australia

Pras Chowta - New Zealand

Pras Chowta

A very worthwhile read!!

Traditional training methods for tracking can easily result in incomplete or downright poor associations forming in the dogs mind as to what exactly he is tracking. The use of food in traditional training methods often makes searching for food more rewarding to the dog than tracking in search of the track layer’s scent. This poor association often results in poor technique and inconsistency especially once food rewards are taken away from the track as the handler trains the dog through progressively harder tracks.

Kris’ book outlines a means to instil very quickly in the dog’s mind that it is the track layer’s scent and specifically the on articles that is the goal of his track. The book offers to take the trainer through the steps to instil this initial association in the dog’s mind and then the means by which to fix reliable tracking and article indication behaviours in the dog.

Pras Chowta - New Zealand

Julie Urie - Australia German Shepherd Dog Club - Victoria

Julie Urie

Hi Kris,

I have just finished reading your Tracking book and thoroughly enjoyed it. As far as I know, both from training with the Dog Sport and ANKC based fraternities, the various methods used by both to teach tracking are quite different to the approach you have taken.

The system you describe seems completely logical to me, and if implemented correctly, would be the best way to maximize the dog's understanding of the task. It leaves me wondering why no-one else here in Australia has not implemented this method before.

Congratulations on a thoroughly educational and easy to follow publication. I now look forward to putting this into practice with my new puppy, now 8 weeks old.

Julie Urie - Australia
German Shepherd Dog Club - Victoria
Obedience Instructor

Boyd Hooper - Australia

Boyd Hooper

Hi Kris,

Just want to let you know that I recently read your tracking book and it enjoyed it immensely. I've just returned from Abu Dhabi UAE where I have been training their police K9 Department in tracking and man trailing. The information in your book was certainly of great benefit and interest to the police officers on the course. I feel your book is the next evolution in precision tracking and I look forward to getting out in the field with you in the future.

Boyd Hooper- Australia

Dave Bowgen - Australia Ex - Military Police Dog Handler

Dave Bowgen

I would like to congratulate Kris for the effort he has put into writing and publishing this publication and the systematic approach that he has put in place to teach handlers to teach their dogs.

As an Ex-Military Police Dog Handler I had my mind set on ONLY training techniques that I knew and comfortable with. Now as a civilian with my own K-9 business I realise that times and training has dramatically changed to suit individual circumstances and I had to learn other methods to compliment mine.

Kris's book has shown me a whole new world with excellent results. The way Kris has covered touchy subjects, the step by step instructions for advanced and novice instructors is very re-freshing indeed. You can apply ANY of these training methods to ANY situation.

Keep up the great work you are doing for the Australian Dog Training fraternity Kris, and I can't wait to be part of one of your classes in the near future.

Dave Bowgen - Australia
Ex - Military Police Dog Handler

Heather Hammonds - Australia

Heather Hammonds

Hi Kris,

I want to say that I really enjoyed your book very much and I do hope you'll do another on dog training in general because your knowledge and expertise is much needed among the general dog training population and the tracking book alone teaches a lot about learning theory that people need to know whether they track or not!

I love how you divided the book into three sections and made the principles of training and dog behaviour so clear and how it relates to tracking. The stuff on directing drive and energy on Page 106 is SO OFTEN missed by many in tracking, particulary in ANKC tracking. There is a myth that the dog will 'just do it' and that tracking erratically, leaking drive all over the place will produce a reliable result.

Your explanation on article indication and how to achieve it reliably and how to do it first... brilliant stuff so often missed. I found your method of corner teaching absolutely fascinating and can well see how it works.

I truly think I ruined my first tracking dog by receiving so many bits of incorrect and conflicting information. What I am now going to do is with my seven year old GSD female, who showed all the promise of being a very good tracker but used to go haywire and wander off so I gave up in the end and just stopped at her TDX, I'll totally retrain her using your method. This should be a fantastic experiment and learning path for me, based on your philosophy of training.

Thank you so much for writing the book. Again, please do another one on broader training and training for obedience that as you discuss, does NOT involve crushing the dog but being fair and building love for work. Your training philosophy is fantastic. I wish more would adopt it. There would be a huge rise in very happy and successful dogs in comptetition out there!

Heather Hammonds - Australia

James CRAIG - Tasmania Constable 2705 - Public Order Response Team


I recently read ‘HOW TO ACHIEVE PRECISION TRACKING WITH YOUR DOG’ by Kris Kotsopolous and found it to be both thought provoking and motivating. The book has a clear step by step learning method on training your dog in precision tracking and demonstrates these methods in a clear and precise manner.

It has practical information for both the beginner to advanced handler as well as covering all procedures and equipment needed for dog and handler alike. I thoroughly enjoyed it a lot and was inspired use these training methods as they are both practical and logical whilst being informative.

All aspects of the book will help you achieve your goals faster than ever before and if you follow them rigidly I can’t see why you will not achieve your best results yet. Many people are going to benefit from reading this book and following the descriptive training methods within.

I would recommend this to any person wanting to get the most from their dog whilst using modern and tested training techniques.

James CRAIG - Tasmania
Constable 2705 - Public Order Response Team

Darryl & Ann Marie Abbott - Adelaide - Australia

Darryl & Ann Marie Abbott

Hi Kris,

Thanks for our copy of your new book "How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" We were most impressed at the simplicity of the step by step procedures and the theory behind it which made so much sense including the insights into clicker and Ecollar training the correct way to achieve tracking goals in an easy to understand format. We look forward to the opportunity of implementing your knowledge into tracking with our working line German Shepherd Dog and highly recommend your book as a must read for anyone contemplating any form of tracking and scenting work. Thanks again Kris, we will stay in touch with our tracking as we progress through Schutzhund training.

Darryl & Ann Marie Abbott  - Adelaide - Australia

Kevin Mc Cormick- USA

Kevin Mc Cormck

I operate a business in Canada called Trackers Edge. Amongst other things, I evaluate products and services for potential clients. I am independent and do not advise the business or service I am evaluating of my intentions so as to be treated as a regular customer. I have acquired every noteworthy tracking book I have heard of. I am interested in tracking with and without a dog.

I stumbled upon "How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" while doing ongoing research on the internet. I had a gut feeling about this book which is written by Kris Kotsopoulos. I ordered it right away and was surprised at how fast it arrived from the other side of the world. I was not disappointed. The book is well organized and clear. It is an ideal training manual. Most books of this nature have a tendency to repeat what has been written before on the topic.

This is not plagiarism, but rather due to the fact that most people do not think outside of the box. There are as many "experts" in this field as there are dogs. The refreshing thing about this book is that Kris has taken information gained by past research and assembled it in an orderly fashion that all can understand. Equally refreshing is the fact that Kris clearly states that there is more than one way to do things. He looks at the big picture and even has some noteworthy philosophical comments that are enlightening. His sections on clickers and electronic training collars are some of the clearest and best written chapters that I have read on the topics.

You may not agree with everything in the book, but that is the whole point he makes. As opposed to forcing a set of rules down your throat he presents what he believes to be valid ideas with the hopes that you will use these ideas as you would any other tools, in the right way and under the right circumstances. There are many fine books out there on tracking by many fine people. This book is definitely on my top two list. I believe you should have an whole arsenal of training books. Read them all if you can as each has something to offer, but if you can only read a couple make this book one of them.

Kevin Mc Cormick- USA

Gary Jackson - Australia

Gary Jackson

I have read this book and I have been impressed with the correct and relevant information for training a tracking do. As a trainer of search and detection dogs for over 25 years I saw great value in this book as a teaching aid for students of law enforcement, Search and Rescue or Schutzhund. The book covers all the work to develop a great foundation for both the student and the dog then the last part of training can be customised to suit the operational purpose of the dog. The step by step methodology is clear and simple to understand, I even gave the book to a total novice to clarify this and yes the novice clearly knew how to start training a tracking dog.

Kris Kotsopoulos has done a great job with this book and I highly recommend “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" to the keen amateur or experienced professional dog trainer. “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" should also be a key reference and training aid for all dog training Instructors.

I personally will be replacing my old tracking teaching material with “How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" for my future Dog Training Students.

“How To Achieve Precision Tracking With Your Dog" will make a great addition to any Dog Training Library.  

Gary Jackson
Multi National K9
Kennel Facility: 311 Boundary Rd. Narangba, Queensland, Australia.
Postal: P.O. Box 535 Kallangur 4503
Ph 61 7 3888 8888 Fax 61 7 3888 5254 Mobile 0419773022 Web Site

Mohannad Al Hersh - Australia

Mohannad Al Hersh

Thanks to Kris for the release of his NEW Tracking book " How to achieve precision tracking with your dog".
As a student of NDTF course in Dog Behavior I highly recommend anyone who is interest or keen to understand dog behaviour and training principles to read this book as it helped me understand and gain more knowledge not only in tracking.

The book itself will actually talk to you as if you were having a conversations with Kris. I sometimes have question for myself " what does that mean?" as I read the next paragraph there is the answer.

The book is amazing as it talk about all the fundamental and perspective on tracking, also the information and motivation of using the right tools in the right way on the right time. The book takes you step by step, day by day to reach your goals in excellent tracking.

Mohannad Al Hersh - Australia

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